Totem and Taboo: Freud Was Right!

Totem and Taboo: Freud Was Right!
A lecture series by Michael Poff, MSW, MA
Psychoanalyst – The Carter-Jenkins Center Psychoanalytic Institute
M.A., Anthropology, The University of Chicago

Lecture 1: The Universal Oedipus Complex

Introduction:  The Four Major Controversies and the Unfolding Debates

Part I:  Irony and Oedipus Waning in Psychoanalysis

Part II:  From the Neo-Freudian Critique to Kroeber’s ‘Confession’

Part III: Critical Misrepresentations of Freud’s Nuclear Complex

Part IV:  Oedipus Rediscovered in Anthropology  and Effaced in Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Part V:  Pathological Patriarchy vs. Prolonged Infant  Dependency and the Complemental Series

Updated! Accompanying papers added to the Introduction and Parts 1-3. Please visit each page to view them.

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