Inspiring Minds (Part 2 – Discussion)

Speaker: John Ficca
Facilitator: Frances Marton
Introduction: Michael Poff

About The Inspiring Minds Series
In its mission to promote the application of psychoanalytic principles to contemporary social issues, The Carter-Jenkins Center is pleased to present the first installment of the Inspiring Minds Series.

Inspiring Minds is a program series designed to explore the nature of creativity, and its role in a wide range of professional environments. We hope through the series to better understand the relationship between creativity and the sometimes-extreme personal challenges and conflicts that both interfere with and provide the impetus for innovation.

Inspiring Minds features the work of individuals who have made significant contributions in their particular fields and explores the motivating forces in their lives. Innovators from such diverse disciplines as education, film, social services, law, business and art will join with psychoanalysts in this ongoing community discussion series to examine the role of creativity in their lives and in their work.

We’re very pleased to offer this local series to the international community via the internet and will post notices at the Carter-Jenkins Center’s web site for upcoming programs that you may view, sometimes even as a live web-cast.

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