ACP: Covid-19 Video Package for Children and Parents – by Sheryl Silverstein

Sharing: from Sheryl Silverstein, Ph.D.

Dear Everyone,

As co- chair of the  Psychoanalysis in the Community committee in the Institute where I am training- Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis- we developed, for our first project, a video package for children, college age students and parents that is psycho- educational in its content, to help with responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The videos address the psychological issues within a developmental framework that the coronavirus and shelter- in -place measures precipitated, e.g. disruptions of schooling, fears of parents dying, fear of their deaths, fear of infecting parents, isolation, loss of friends and teachers, return to families after emancipating. Our introductory video explains how we use psychoanalytic and developmental principles to understand each age group’s reactions to the pandemic and inform parents how to intervene.  Linda Mayes, who we are fortunate to have on our committee, generously put us in touch with her colleague from Scholastic, who is posting several of the videos on the Yale CSC-Scholastic collaborative website.  We have also created our own YouTube channel where our videos are posted. Because of the quarantine, all of our meetings and videos were conducted and created through Zoom.  While amateur, as none of us are actors, the content is solid and hopefully helpful to families.

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