The Fallacy of Pathological Patriarchy as the Cause of the Oedipus Complex. (Revised) – by Michael J. Poff

Published in The International Journal of Controversial Discussions.Capture
Editor in Chief, A. Richards/Issue Ed., D. Kirsner.
Issue Two, August 2020, Page 395

The present article is an expanded version of Michael Poff’s Lecture 1: Part V in the ongoing Totem and Taboo: Freud Was Right! lecture series available on this site and at It was revised for the newly created International Journal of Controversial Discussions (IJCD), Issue 2. Arnold Richards, the IJCD’s Editor-in-Chief and creator, describes the journal in the following way: “Our intention is to create a forum for discussion and debate about controversial issues within psychoanalysis among colleagues with a variety of different approaches. It will offer a meeting place for analysts with diverging theoretical and clinical attitudes whose paths might otherwise not cross.”.


Video Presentation, Part 1
The Fallacy of Pathological Patriarchy as the cause of the Oedipus complex, Part 1 (Revised/illustrated video presentation)

Video Presentation, Part 2
Malinowski’s “Weak and Henpecked Father”: The Fallacy of Pathological Patriarchy as the Cause of the Oedipus Complex, Part 2

Video Presentation, Part 3 – Coming Soon!

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