Anna Freud Diagnostic Profile – Penis Envy, Castration Anxiety, and The Sexual Theories of Children

Anna Freud Diagnostic Profile – Libido, The Development of the Sexual Drive: Oral, Anal, Phallic-Oedipal Phases, etc
(6th in a 13 part series)
presented by Humberto Nagera MD

Mini-Course in Psychoanalytic Theory and Psychodynamic Psychiatry

These lectures are a mini-course in clinical psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theory. They are as well an invaluable resource for residents of psychiatry needing to hone up their knowledge of dynamic psychiatry, one of the new competencies required to pass the boards. Each lecture deals with one or more subjects but always in the clinical context of Anna Freud’s Developmental Profile. Please view/download the paper that goes with them and follow the series in sequence.

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